Intelligence for BioTech and Pharma

Let us monitor global research, patent and clinical trial activity for you.

Covariate will provide your company with global, end-to-end product life cycle intelligence. We offer evidence-based support for your business critical decisions making.

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Covariate enables your company to

  • Better estimate your R&D costs & risks, minimise the probability of error during strategic R&D planning
  • Identify competition and potential M&A targets
  • Accelerate your product discovery
  • Identify and monitor relevant research, clinical trial & patent activity, which could affect the outcomes of their R&D projects
  • Identify professionals & emerging talent suited for your open R&D positions or best institutions to collaborate with
  • Provide infographics for general and professional public, justifying your R&D activities and products

Services: R&D, M&A, IP & legal Marketing & PR Recruiting & Innovation

For R&D, M&A, IP & legal departments

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Analysis of global trends in life science research, patents & clinical trials

Our R&D partners use Covariate to identify emerging trends and significant paradigm shifts in their field. Clients request reports or set up monitoring, which automatically alerts their R&D department on new discoveries, methods & applications.

Covariate describes the relevant development in your field and the progress of your competitors through dynamic visualisations, and suggests essential sources to accelerate your innovation.

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M&A, product defensibility & product-market fit analysis.

Our M&A partners use Covariate to identify and monitor potential M&A targets. Covariate also provides the global R&D-status intelligence, for the assessment of product defensibility and product-market fit analysis.

Our partners apply this intelligence to assess both, their internal product portfolio and external acquisition opportunities.

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Contextual analysis of patents related to your legal and IP activities

Our biotech Legal & IP partners use Covariate to gather intelligence, essential for their IP life cycle management. Our systems can create reports and monitoring, assessing your patent defensibility of your new discovery and monitor competition. Covariate monitors global trends in submitted and accepted patents. Covariate will update your patent and legal department on any relevant global patent activity which could positively or negatively affect the outcomes of your internal R&D. Covariate was also used to conduct successful deep search for patent evidence in IP disputes at court.For marketing and PR departments.

For marketing and PR departments

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Promotion of client’s products, services, and professionals

Our marketing & PR partners use Covariate metadata in their campaigns. Our systems generate an eye-catching, interactive visualisations and reports, emphasising the importance of client’s past & present R&D activity - specific research, drug or medical application. This visual, data-driven input is usually used as brand-building content, or as externally or internally communicated evidence of compliance with company’s values and targets.

In the same, visually-appealing fashion, Covariate is able to promote the scientific background of your R&D experts.

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Evidence-driven communication with general and professional public

Our clients are often engaged in discussions with general public regarding the justification of their R&D, medical research and proper application of developed therapies. Covariate helps your PR to communicate their position based on scientific evidence and present your R&D outcomes in a visually appealing way.

For recruiting and innovation departments

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Data-driven headhunting and identification of most talented candidates

Given our global life-science metadata reach, our talent acquisition partners use Covariate to identify the best fitting candidates based on specifications provided by your recruiting team (i.e. the field of expertise, geographical location, seniority level). We can provide your HR with a list of potential targets and rank them according to their relevance.

Our HR & recruiting partners use Covariate to run an automatised research & patent activity background checks for their R&D candidates.

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Find your innovation partners

When looking out for new businesses and academic institutions to collaborate with, Covariate can help you identify your best options, based on their research, patent and clinical track record. We can provide your innovation department with a list of potential partners and rank them according to their relevance.

Our innovation partners also use covariate Covariate to integrate their internal data and additional databases (e.g. external drug toxicity databases, etc.), to compare internal development to market development.

How it works?

To crystallise valuable knowledge out of plain information about people institutions and research trends, our A.I. applies a set of powerful semantic algorithms and mathematical models on globally scattered data sources and client’s internal databases.

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